Welcome to the Southeastern Regional Lipid Conference
November 7-9, 2018

Keynote Speakers

Teresa Sanchez, PhD

 Dr. Teresa Sanchez is originally from Barcelona, Spain and earned her PhD degree at the University of Barcelona School of Pharmacy. She completed her postdoctoral training at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and obtained her first faculty position at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), Harvard Medical School, in the Departments of Surgery and Emergency Medicine, where she was a member of the Center for Vascular Biology Research. At BIDMC, Dr. Sanchez established her research program, focused on the investigation of the molecular mechanisms governing vascular dysfunction using preclinical models of stroke and sepsis. She led a multidisciplinary group of clinicians and translational researchers from Neurology, Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine and Pathology departments to investigate the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of the endothelium in acute clinical conditions such as stroke and sepsis and to develop novel therapeutic approaches for these devastating conditions. Her research has led to the identification of the critical role of sphingolipid signaling in endothelial dysfunction and in the exacerbation of organ injury in sepsis and stroke. In 2015, she was recruited to Weill Cornell Medicine by the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. At Weill Cornell, she is continuing these efforts to gain a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms responsible for endothelial dysfunction in mice and humans. Her laboratory is currently investigating new ways of specifically targeting the endothelium as a novel therapeutic approach to prevent neurovascular injury and promote repair in translational models of stroke. 

James Dahlman

James Dahlman is an Assistant Professor in the Georgia Tech BME Department. He studied gene editing with Feng Zhang and RNA delivery with Robert Langer.  The Lab for Precision Therapies at Georgia Tech works at the interface of drug delivery, nanotechnology, genomics, and gene editing. James has designed nanoparticles that deliver RNA to blood vessels in the heart and lung; these nanoparticles have been used by ~20 labs across the US since 2014, and work robustly in NHPs. He has developed targeted combination therapies targeting 5 genes at once in vivo. James uses molecular biology to design the genetic drugs he delivers. He designed ‘dead’ guide RNAs; these guides can turn on genes using catalytically active Cas9.  James’ lab combines nanotechnology, molecular biology, and genomics to design in vivo nanoparticle screens. Using his background in nanoparticle chemistry, in vivo RNA delivery, and genomics, his lab designed a nanoparticle DNA barcoding system to measure how >200 nanoparticles target cells in a single mouse, directly in vivo

Nicholas O. Davidson, MD, DSc

Nick O. Davidson is Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology at Washington University in St. Louis . After medical school and residency training at Kings College Hospital Medical School, London, Dr. Davidson entered the clinical scholar program at Rockefeller University, New York. He then moved to Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, where he completed his gastroenterology fellowship training. In 1986, Dr. Davidson joined the faculty of the University of Chicago, where he remained until 1998, eventually leaving to become the division Chief at Washington University and Professor of Medicine and of Molecular Biology and Pharmacology (since 2008, known as the Department of Developmental Biology). 

Setting the Standard

Abtract Submission

SERLC's uniqueness resides in selecting abstracts submitted by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows for oral and poster presentations, making this meeting a training platform for the next generation of lipid scientists. Abstract merit scoring will be utilized for the selection of many travel awardees.

Abstract template
Please email submissions to   leah.siskind@louisville.edu    
The deadline for abstract submission is
September 22, 2017  


The Southeastern Regional Lipid Conference (SERLC) is one of the largest and most established academic meetings on lipid biology research in the United States. The main themes are sphingolipids, phospholipids, and eicosanoids, their analysis by state of the art lipidomics, and their biological functions in cell signaling, cell biology and in physiological and pathophysiological processes, including metabolic and infectious diseases, immunology and cancer.

Photo Contest

The winner of the photo contest will have their accommodations covered and their picture featured on the cover of the 2018 SERLC Conference Booklet.
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November 1, 2017 

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